Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Digital Environments-Day 3

Hey all those who want to know how the digital environment project is coming along. I have some fantastic news, first of all I finally have a group and we're gonna work on a piece which is a dream for me to work on, we're gonna make a mini-digital documentary like piece on the African Serengeti. I'm so excited to work on it, but it means that I have to leave my own working class to go join there's, because even though all of us are one massive class we're separated into two groups. Anyway the members of my group are James Waters, Perri Wheeler, Gary Ralphs, Alex Tarry and me of course. At the moment we've begun our research by watching an old IMAX documentary film of the African Serengeti, where everyone seemed to of taken notes and will send them to me on Facebook probably tonight. I'm gonna begin my research on the weekend when I'll be buying a few books on the African Serengeti and a few documentary DVDs' and read and watch as much as I can. And by Tuesday we're taking a trip to the London Zoo to draw the animals and I'm planning a trip of my own where we shall be going up to Whipsnade Zoo near Luton. So that's the news so far, I've got my group, we've planned what we're gonna do and I think I've got my own set of plans sorted out. I'll keep you posted on how everything goes but for now, live long and prosper. I've always wanted to say that.

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