Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Digital Environments-Day 1

Hey guys, first of all welcome to my new blog which will cover all work that I will be doing for the new term at Ravensbourne College. I'm a student here, studying animation and am in my third year here at the college. So far we've got two projects we're all beginning to work on me and classmates that is. But in this blog we will talk about one project and that is from Jared Taylor our teacher. It is entitled Digital Environments.

This is day one of writing this bog, sorry for starting so late because it's been two days since were given the brief for the project. The idea is to create a piece of animation that runs for ten seconds and the idea is to capture an animated character or two or maybe more, whether it's hand-drawn or digital, in a digital environment. When I think of this idea I always think of Disney's "Tarzan" and of the deep canvas effect where you had Tarzan himself an animated hand-drawn character swinging through the trees and the trees and vines and moss are all computer generated and you follow him of course, well the camera follows him and it captures him through his movements and the music of Phil Collins. Again another animated film I think of where you have two-hand drawn characters moving through a 3-D environment is the famous ballroom scene from "Beauty and the Beast". I of course always wanted to do something like that and now I'm glad to say I can. Only there is one problem, so far I have no group, it's just me all alone.

I do have though a few ideas, here's a list of them followed by a brief description of each of them of what environment it's in and what they're doing. Also what music will be featured in them. I always feel that music will always be important to whatever I do and in this case music is gonna play a huge part.

One idea is to have my project be set in World War 1. That's always a subject I've been so fascinated by and something I always wanted to do in animation. So the idea to that is to have the soldiers in the trenches and to have them run out and into no man's land, the camera would capture the front of them into battle. The music I would have is a piece from the West End hit show "War Horse" which in itself is a story set in World War 1, it's called "The Year Turns Round Again". I chose it because I always think of this song when I think of World War 1 and when the soldiers ran out into battle. Here's the song itself;

The next idea is a dark horror gothic piece. It's an adaptation I'm working on personally of Bram Stoker's "Dracula". First of all, I know what you'd be thinking, vampires, really? Those blood suckers are everywhere, but what my visions of vampires are, is that they are dark evil gothic killers who can be seductive but truly really dangerous and Dracula is no exception. So no things to do with "Twilight" will be involved in this. What this will be is the climactic scene that features Jon Harker and Dracula himself in Castle Dracual, which in my version will be a climatic sword fight between the two, something which I've always wanted to do. The music that will be featured in this is the score to the final fight scene in "Beauty and the Beast" between Gaston and the Beast on the castle rooftops. Here's the score itself;

Keep an eye out for just the end.

The next one is to do something that I've always loved as a kid and that's Peter Pan flying though the jungles of Neverland. The music I would have for that is a piece of filmmusic called "The Flight to Neverland" from the film "Hook" by "Star Wars" composer himself John Williams. Here it is;

Finally it's another jungle kind of scene and really an homage to "Tarzan" and it's from this book that I'm thinking about writing about where it's set in a world with Anthropomorphic characters that I call the Animans. This is a moment taken from my imagination and it's where two of the main characters, a chimpanzee and a lemur swing through the vines and having fun and maybe showing off to impress girls. The music for this is a song from pop-rock band Savage Garden which is titled "The Animal Song" and here it is;

So there you go, those are the ideas I've got, now all I need to do now is find a group and I shall get back to you on when that happens. This is Gabe Boyle, signing off from day 1, see you soon , whenever that will be.

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